Top 10 Tools for NFT Investment

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NFT investment is no exception when it comes to the sheer amount of NFT being minted and traded every second. Like any other market, you also have access to various tools and websites that will help you keep up with all the latest things in the NFT space and aid you in making the correct investment decision. In this article, KALA picks our top 10 tools that we think you should know and consider if you want to step into the NFT world.

CryptoSlam is an aggregator of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) collectibles data backed my Mark Cuban. CryptoSlam features statistics, charts, and other useful features that provide a deeper overview of any NFT project on the Ethereum blockchain.

Dune or Dune Analytics is a data platform widely used by crypto-asset investors and analysts to help them research individual projects, certain sectors (e.g. NFTs, DeFi) and blockchain ecosystems. Anyone can create a dashboard and share it publicly for others to follow or track.

Hyperspace is a trading platform that offers Solana NFT and NFT flex information and services. It comes in very handy when searching for undervalued NFTs in a project with one of the best features being the ability to see the specific rank of each token within a specific collection.

Icy Tools is an NFT analytics platform that indexes and enhances blockchain data to provide in-depth market insights and developer tools. You can even use this tool to track your NFT portfolio as an optional paid subscription.

Nansen is a blockchain analytics platform that enriches on-chain data with millions of wallet labels. The Discovery dashboard for NFTs features leaderboards of profits from minting and trading. It is a great free tool to follow where the money is moving.

Flips provides NFT market stats and rankings and is a great tool to check the floor prices in the NFT market. It is a good alternative for with a simpler user interface.

NFT Scoring uses AI to analyze and rank NFT collections based on their community engagement. This innovative tool tracks the growth on Twitter and Discord of NFT collections. A great tool for detecting upcoming potential projects.

The tool allows you to view NFTs ranked and sorted by rarity and NFT calendar. One of the most useful features of this platform is the option to rank specific NFTs within a collection using a wide variety of filters.

Similar to, HowRare provides a calendar of upcoming NFT releases on Solana. It also provides the option to browse tokens by rarity.

As the name suggests, whatsminting shows the Live activity of current mints going at the moment and keeps you up to date.

Moby provides real-time data and visualizations that update the second it happens on the blockchain. The wallet tracker allows you to create custom lists of specific wallets and track their activity and give instant notification if said wallets invest in potential projects.