Social Mining is now live on KALA Network Social Alpha Test

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Social Mining is now live on KALA Network Social Alpha Test

With today’s update to KALA Social Alpha Test, we introduce to you KALA brand new feature: Social Mining. After login into your account on KALA Social you will see this section when you visit your profile.

This section displays your current hashrate (per hour) and your daily social tasks. By performing these social tasks (login, like, comment, etc) you can increase your hashrate and earn $KUDO, our SocialFi token.

These tasks will be reset daily, so make sure to check in every day to maximize your earnings.

To view the details of your daily earnings, go to your profile and click on the Earning menu

The details will be displayed below. You can see that not only do you earn from completing your tasks, but you also earn when your referred friends complete theirs.

And that’s it. “Socialize AND Earn” has never been easier. As the platform grows, we’ll continue to improve this system to turn KALA Network into the next-generation SocialFi platform. Come check it out now at

We thank you for your amazing support! If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to let us know through our social channels.

A Quick Note: Our retroactive event is still ongoing. Learn all about it here.

About KALA Network

KALA Network is a Web3 SocialFi Platform that allows users to earn $KUDO tokens by socializing with their friends and community. Use $KUDO / $KLNW to buy NFT PENCIL / PEN to increase earnings, level up & mint new NFT PEN.

With built-in GameFi elements, users can have their own strategies to use which NFT PEN / PENCIL

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