KALA x GenShards AMA Recap

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KALA x GenShards AMA Recap

Mr. Michael Phan and the KALA team want to send a big thank you to everyone who joined our AMA session yesterday at GenShards Telegram group. We know not everybody was able to show up and for those that missed the AMA, do not worry because we have prepared a recap for you. Cheers! 😁


Host: Hey everyone, it’s time for the AMA with KALA Network 💰⚡☑️.

After a detailed discussion with the KALA Network team to understand the situation of their IDO launch, we decided to have an AMA with the KALA Network Team. Please note that for us our community comes first and protecting them is our topmost priority. More details on this will be shared in a while.

For now let us shift our focus on the discussion with the KALA Network team that are here to address our community’s concern and offer their side of the story! Hopefully they will also be able to share updates on what they have been up to since our previous AMA

Michael Phan: Hello Genesis Shards community,

This is Micheal Phan, KALA Network COO — Co-founder.

On behalf KALA Team, We send you our deepest gratitude for your support to us from the very early stages.

Host: How are you doing?

Michael Phan: Yeah we’re fine. Even though these are the harsh time of the market, we’ve been focusing on building and it’s great that things are moving smoothly.

Talking about KALA Network, KALA Network is a Web3 SocialFi Platform that allows users to earn $KUDO token by socializing with their friends, and community and use $KUDO / $KLNW to buy PENCIL / PEN NFTs to increase their earnings, level up & mint new PEN NFTs.

With built-in GameFi elements, users can have their own strategies to use which PENCIL / PEN NFTs bring the most lucrative earnings atop of their regular social activities and engagement.

We have just released the Alpha test over a month and got more than 80,000 registered users, these results impressed us much and the daily engagement keeps growing up.

#Web3 SocialFi is the combination of socializing, fun, and earning. The concept we are doing is very clear, “Your social time is valued, so make it even more valuable at KALA.Network!”

With the disruption of tech and blockchain collided, users can simply enjoy their daily activities and their contributions worths! Furthermore, content creators value the content that drives the earnings which vary from tech, crypto, or even beauty areas. All of their efforts are motivated by the virtue of “creativity,” which encourages them to begin earning active or passive incomes on the KALA Network platform.

AMA Session

Q1: Let’s begin with the first one our community would like to hear your side of the story w.r.t when is your project going to have its IDO launch.

Michael Phan: Actually, we’ve signed a memorandum of understanding with five launchpads (BNB & Solana Chain).

In terms of the IDO campaign, we plan to launch it in July.

Unfortunately, market circumstances are volatile, with many unstable news stories leading to a decline.

KALA Network has chosen to postpone the IDO campaign until the market conditions improve, in consideration for the long-run benefit of all parties/investors/partners involved.

When the good time comes, we’ll announce the IDO campaign.

We completely understand that this may lead to frustration for our users who are waiting for the airdrop & anticipating our IDO/IEO, especially the respected buyers of PreIDO-INO at Genesis Shards.

This postponement will give us time to conduct and make a figurative outcome for our upcoming product features.

Our founding team & members have been bootstrapping it from day 1 and the KALA developer team will keep on working to deliver what is promised.

Q2: Would you like to highlight your progress w.r.t your product and platform w.r.t the last AMA we had

Michael Phan: Sure. Let me expand on our AlphaTest, which took place last month. the link to the Alpha test is at https://social.kala.network/

The KALA community has been invited to participate in an Alpha test campaign with the following goals:

a. Instructions for Users:

– Network and socialize with friends/KOLs

– Find out bugs in the KALA Social (Web version)

b. As for the KALA team, we will:

– Conduct platform surveys

– Raise awareness in the crypto community

– Thorough Beta Test preparation

Here are the results, which I’d like to share with the Genesis Shards community:

– 78,300 members registered — 6053 forms filed — 20 ambassadors on board — 200 groups formed

Overall, community opinion has been excellent, with many people applauding the user interface/user experience (UI/UX), as well as the speed with which it loads and how simple it is to use.

– However, because “non-crypto” users do not know how to create wallets, we have created a new Single Sign-On (SSO) to allow them to sign up for SocialFi KALA using their email, Apple ID, and other credentials.

– NFTs function / Social mining / Launchpad / SWAP are in high demand as “earning mechanisms”

– “Donate to good content” is another important feature that people demand, and the KALA Team will include these features in future versions.

Mobile Apps (IOS, Android) are also under development, and we anticipate that they will allow users to access SocialFi KALA on their mobile devices to socialize on the go, post images — content, and talk with their friends in a few simple steps. It is expected to be released by the end of July.

Q3: Would you like to tell our community about your progress in terms of fundraising and partnerships.

Michael Phan: For partnership, this is the aspect that KALA Network put in priority. We understand clearly how partners can help and leverage each other’s businesses.

The Founders with its core staff have taken care in approaching and negotiating with communities, projects, infrastructure, and ventures so that we can aim and share the same vision on web3 and decentralized platforms.

Furthermore, KALA Network also helps other projects to access KALA SocialFi platform to bring news, and promote their campaign/ product so that KALA’s users can support and gain project benefits.

Fundraising rounds are getting difficult nowadays due to some unexpected events from the market, however, we believe with our strong product and commitment to fulfill what we have promised in the roadmap and keep the support from the community and Genesis Shards. KALA Network will overcome hardship and finish our expectations.

Q4: Can you share what your plans are for the coming weeks/months. Any special perks that the community can expect? 🙂

Michael Phan:

Q5: Gotcha! Please explain more on “earning mechanism” of SocialFi KALA?”

Michael Phan: Before I answer this, let me go back to the definition of SocialFi. It’s simple “social — finance”, KALA believes that all the time you spend on the internet is valuable, your contribution and activities are worth your efforts. The concept we offer is very clear: you earn by your contribution.

We create a playground where everyone is treated fairly in shares. (please refer to the attached image for better understanding)

Earning mechanism is being built on this concept. Users, creators, builders, and investors shall take their share by value-added respectively.

Let’s say KALA SocialFi is working with the motto “Come for the Reward! Stay for the Community!

Q6: What if my friends are non-crypto users and unfamiliar with creating wallet? How to invite them to join KALA?

Michael Phan: This is the concern which KALA community has raised in its early days of launching.

And we have adjusted the sign-up methodology to be friendlier with the “non-crypto” community.

By using SSO (Single Sign-On), they can start exploring web3 and getting familiar with blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Over time, they will surely know how to handle their digital assets on web3.

Q7: Wow, this idea is superb.

Can you share what your plans are for the coming weeks/months? Any special perks that the community can expect? 🙂

Michael Phan: NFTs !! This is the huge event KALA Network will bring up with its Beta Test.

We are going to mint and start to giveaway our NFTs to the most contributing and active users through the platform.

With NFTs, users can “earn” and start staking.

SWAP function is also to be announced to let users exchange tokens.

And last but not least, KALA Network will introduce a function called “SocialDrop” — which allows users to receive airdrops from our partners in KALA’s ecosystem.

What we are doing is aiming for the community, for the community.

All of the above will surely gain more traction to KALA SocalFi Network.

Live questions from the community

Bull | Will DM you and find you: Can we promote other projects on KALA Network?

Michael Phan: Totally YES! SocialFi KALA is born for this purpose.

All projects can use KALA platform to promote their services/ products.

From GameFi, DeFi, Metaverse.. or even local restaurants/merchants…

We welcome all members to dig into and develop their new home in web3 SocialFi KALA.

ICO & IDO HunterX: What if projects owners can be partner with KALA to gain project’s exposure?

Michael Phan: At the moment, We are expanding our ecosystem to those who share the same visions of web3 so that gradually gain community trust and support.

The future is now, and the power is in the community.

If you are interested in partnering with KALA, feel free to contact us.

We have global staffs to assist you in your queries.

Lan Voong: Will KALA have DAO?

Michael Phan: That’s a good question as we have not mentioned this on our whitepaper yet.

DAO is the ideal and super instrument that is transparent, controlled by the organization’s members, and not influenced by any other parties.

KLNW token is the key, members who hold them will have ownership management in the KALA Network system.

We will soon deploy the function and start providing attributes to users to understand more about KALA DAO aspects.

Closing message

Michael Phan: Thanks a lot for all the questions so far. I really appreciate Genesis Shards and the community for giving us this opportunity to share about KALA Network.

Hope you guys take care, be safe, and have a nice day!

About KALA Network

KALA Network is a Web3 SocialFi Platform that allows users to earn $KUDO token by socializing with their friends and community. Users can buy NFT PENCIL / PEN to increase earnings, level up & mint new NFT PEN.

With built-in GameFi elements, users can have their own strategies to use which NFT PEN / PENCIL to bring in the most lucrative earnings atop their regular social activities and engagement.

Join KALA SocialFi Platform 👉 https://social.kala.network/

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